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They’re the environment’s frontline heroes, working the grassroots of every community with tiny budgets and unlimited passion. But Covid-19 has grounded Canada’s small, local non-governmental organizations (ENGOS). They’ve had to rethink how they work and how they raise money for their work.

The Green Future Fund is the environmental community’s response, with donations, information and strategies to keep them going, so they can help make Canada’s recovery a green one.

Whether you need help or can give it, now’s the time for our community to be one.

Amplify Your Impact

Our funders will amplify your donations

We’ve connected with our Foundation partners who will amplify donations received through our Green Future Fund program.  Donations made through our platform are tax-deductible. All donors will automatically receive their tax receipt through email immediately upon donation processing.

What colour will our recovery be?

As people try to look beyond the pandemic, much of the talk revolves around the need for governments to lead a major economic recovery.

We prefer a Green and Just Recovery — one that creates millions of family-sustaining green jobs, lifts standards of living, accelerates a just transition off fossil fuels, ensures a controlling stake for the public in private sector bailout plans, and helps make our society and economy stronger and more resilient in the face of pandemic, recession, and climate emergency in the years ahead.

Who Are We?

We are leaders of small to medium-sized environmental groups from across Canada who know the power of working together. That’s how we’ve created green solutions in our communities, and it’s why we lead the way in creating a green, prosperous future for our communities and country.

Shortly after the Covid-19 crisis hit, we decided it was time to work together to navigate through it, as we face similar problems and need similar resources and tools. So we’re sharing knowledge and creating the tools needed to continue rebuilding and renewing safe, secure and healthy communities.  

Participating Organizations

A Greener Future
Ecology Ottawa
Environment Hamilton
Friends of the Rouge
Halton Environment Network
Lung Association of NB
New Brunswick Environmental Network
Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition
Sustainable Eastern Ontario
Wellington Water Watchers

Size Matters

Unlike larger environmental organizations, many of Canada’s local ENGOs simply don’t have the resources to navigate through this crisis.
They don’t have:

  • access to financial advisors to help them navigate complicated government programs.
  • enough staff to research, rethink, and redesign how they work in a COVID world.
  • fundraising departments or access to charitable partnerships that would allow them to issue tax receipts.

The work funded through the Green Future Fund helps build capacity and lets you give (and get a tax receipt) so that these vital local groups keep punching above their weight.



We’ve led organizations like yours, small to medium-sized ENGOs. We know you’re strapped and can’t keep up with what’s out there, or waste your time on researching things that aren’t relevant. 

So we’ve hand-picked resources specifically to help you navigate the COVID crisis. 

Suggestions? let us know, at

Federal Government Programs

Tips for CEW Application

Tips for CEW Application


This provides some tips about calculating organizational revenue to find out whether you qualify, specifically how to deal with multi-year grants and annual donations.


Framing Covid

Framing Covid

Visit Page

A growing list of short “two-minute read” pieces about how to communicate effectively.

Campaign Tips

Campaigning During the Covid Crisis


This provides some simple tips on how to campaign during the Covid Crisis.

Fundraising Tips

Framing Covid

Framing Covid

Visit Page

A growing list of short “two-minute read” pieces about how to communicate effectively.

Online Engagement

Governance and Managing

Leading Through Crisis

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Four mentors with Innoweave offer 1-pagers on how to lead during Covid.

NGO Sector-wide Advocacy

Our Supporters

As we go through profound feelings of anxiety, loneliness, discouragement and even grief in these difficult times, we take comfort in the generosity and encouragement of our financial supporters. They’re proof that we can work together to help rebuild and re-imagine a safe and healthy future.

The Trottier Family Foundation

The North Family Foundation

Toronto Foundation

Echo Foundation

Our Project Partner

The Green Future Fund is a project of the Small Change Fund, which helps community advocates accomplish innovative solutions to important environmental issues. Much more than a platform, the Small Change Fund is people: leaders and experts whose experience, knowledge, and connections make campaigns soar.

We’re Here To Help

… with ideas, perspective, and advice culled from decades of in-the-trench environmental work. So send your queries, or feedback about this program here. We’ll try to respond soon.

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